Liquidity In Uni V3

Testnet (Rinkeby) token hash list:





Step 1: Go To Add Liquidity Page

Click "New Position" and switch to right the Network.

Step 2: Set Token pair

  1. Set the token by address on the top of page.

  2. Select the Fee tier (Not created can not be selected)

Step 3: Set Price Range

  1. Set Min Price (better to lower than current price)

  2. Set Max Price (better to higher than current price)

Step 4: Set Deposit Amounts

  1. Set token0(Here is WETH) amount or USDT(Here is USDT) amount.

  2. Click "Preview".

Step 5: Add Liquidity

  1. Click "Add" after check all information.

  2. Confirm transaction.

Step 6: Check Liquidity

Now you have added liquidity in Uni V3 successfully.

And you can deposit it in HedgeCat now.

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